“The artistic quality is superb. HRCP affords young people an opportunity to make extraordinary music in an environment of excellence, enthusiasm and support.  The Virginia Symphony is proud of the leadership provided by our violinist, Jorge Aguirre.”

~  JoAnn Falletta , Music Director of the Virginia Symphony

“The study of music has always been important to me, even though I have always known I was not going to become a professional player. The comradery with the other players, the joy of learning new things… that’s why I come back every year.”

~  Amanda Peters, HRCP Alum

“HRCP has impacted me in so many ways, from learning the positive impact of playing chamber music and interacting with others, to experiencing the extremely hard work – and yet incredibly fun – music-making can be in general. Learning how to communicate with others through music – such as, through discussion of the specific character of the piece – has lead to better communication in other areas of my life, in turn providing me with a clearer definition of my personal goals. Jorge’s dynamism both on and off the stage drives me to bring my own energy to everything I do – with or without the violin – and I have seen that spark in everybody with whom he comes into contact.”

~ Chris Taylor, HRCP Alum